Covered Grating


All types and sizes of grating are available with covered tops. The covered top is typically 3mm thick and is bonded to the grating panel after manufacture. This creates a strong but lightweight covered panel. All panels are available with gritted, Chequere plate or smooth finish. Ideally suited to service trenches, access pits, gully covers, walkways and cable troughs etc.

Open Mesh Grating


UFF molded FRP Grating is formed using continuous interwoven glass fibers as reinforcement material and resin as the matrix with continuous solidification through a mould system. The uniform construction provides excellent bi-directional mechanical properties.  

  • Advantages of FRP Grating

  • Corrosion and Chemical Resistant

  • High strength-to-weight ratio

  • Impact resistance

  • Fire resistance

  • Slip-resistant